Accounting Unplugged


My target audience with at least the initial posts is non-accountants and accounting students.  I wish the very basics had been explained to me more clearly from the beginning.

For those who are starting businesses or thinking of investing, there really is no substitute for a good accountant but there is also no substitute for understanding the numbers yourself.

The subject that I’d like to influence is accounting systems and software. I know that the subject will turn some people off immediately but consider this – Accounting is the language of our economy, it is relied upon to provide the feedback that keeps us competitive and able to provide the goods and services that we all depend on and enjoy. When accounting fails, we all lose. We lose because costs are always passed on to consumers and tax payers via increases in prices, tax dollars spent on bailing out failed businesses and tax dollars spent on prosecuting and sometimes jailing those responsible for the bad faith accounting.

I have worked in accounting for over 22 years and have paid my dues and learned the work from the ground up from an accounts payable clerk through a B.S. Degree and progressive positions of authority and responsibility most recently as a consultant providing accounting and software system design, conversion, implementation, training and support. You will have to form your own opinions about my posts but in my opinion, I am satisfied that I am qualified to address the subject.

I am not sure how many posts I will write but I have a few ideas about things to talk about and I intend to explain basic accounting structure, reporting and process and I will answer questions and advance my opinions in subsequent posts. My intent is to provide useful content and to help demystify accounting.

Get Started: Accounting Overview

I have another motive in writing blog posts, there is a major problem with accounting and that problem is a huge contributor to fraud and mismanagement. I know what is wrong and I know how to fix it, but I don’t have all the skills that are necessary to make my solution available. I am writing to share my knowledge and with the intention and hope of attracting others who have the skills I do not have.


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